All sauna stoves from Skamet OÜ are made in Estonia and comply with the European standard EN 15821:2010.
Efficiency of Skamet heaters is more than 70%, exceeding the EU standard requirements (50%). Тhis result is obtained through in-built smoke channel, which prevents heat from getting too quickly into chimney. So, all our products feature smoke channels that stop flames, not letting them enter chimney throat. If your sauna is well-insulated and you have chosen a correct sauna heater, you may be sure to get 100 ˚С at sauna bench within 0.5 – 1.5 hours. In case of proper use, the average life cycle of sauna stove made by Skamet is 8-12 years.
We offer a variety of sauna stoves:
> stove for smaller (> 8 m³) or bigger (up to 25 m³) sauna;
> with heating from the same room or through wall;
> stove with metal casing or with net casing;
> with or without water-pocket (an opportunity to connect to water tank);
> with or without glass door options.

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