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Barbeque grill

Our range of products also includes different barbeque grills. Standard grills are made from 3-mm-thick metal. Thicker grills or grills

Bathroom water heater with open boiler

Bathroom water heater with metal casing and open boiler is intended for heating water. This heater features double-casing, inside of


Cooker is heated similarly to sauna stoves with metal casing – i.е. the distance between inner part of stove and

Customized sauna stoves

Various alterations can be made in any model, most of which are only done in the factory (T), but some

Open water tank around smokepipe

Tank for hot water is made in one size: Open tank for heated water is installed around smoke pipe, and

Other products

In addition to sauna stoves and their accessories we offer other products that work on burning wood:  smokeries, barbeque grills,

Sauna stove with metal casing

Stoves with metal casing have been produced in Pärnu since the 1990s. First they were produced at Härma Metall. Since

Smoke pipes

Skamet OÜ manufactures smoke pipes in various diameter and size. In addition to straight pipes we make elbows and gate

Stove with closed boiler

Stove with net casing with closed boiler is suitable for smaller sauna (6-10 m³). Pipe is joined above stove. Hot water

Stoves heated from other room

Stove is installed in wall and heated from other room. Its penetrating part is 170 mm long. If required, this

Stoves heated from other room

Stove is installed and heated from other room. Penetrating part is 200 mm long. If required, this part may be

Stoves heated in the same room

Wood burning compartment is in sauna room. Standard stoves are made considering an opportunity with upper or back-wall connection with